I am a painter working in oil on canvas and watercolour on paper.  I live in Toronto, Canada with my love and our baby boy, Oscar. We are in the midst of renovating a 19th century house that will become our family home and my future art studio. As I venture into this next phase of life as a mother, I am so curious and excited to discover how my paintings will be influenced and evolve. 

To live as an artist is to be attentive to life's beauty. Not every moment is spent in the studio and inspiration lives everywhere  - an unexpected yet stunning arrangement of colours in a bouquet of flowers, the feeling of sunshine through closed eyelids on a midsummer day or the first light peeping through dissipating storm clouds. 

The process of painting is totally immersive. To be in the flow of a painting is a freeing experience - everyday worries and to-do lists fall into the distance. The painting informs each next move as I follow along - step by step - like a dance.  


                   "I know a painting is complete when I no longer feel the urge to change anything."



I am grateful to have grown up in a supportive family where both my parents recognized and fostered my affinity for painting and drawing from a young age. My mother is a painter and it is an understatement to say that watching her in the studio every day had an impact on my own creative direction. To many, painting is an unusual activity, but in our house it was as basic as food and water. 

My family travelled often. We visited places exposing us to both the beauty of the natural landscape as well as to man-made beauty - through museums, culture and architecture. I developed an appreciation for my surroundings that is now vital to my art practice.

I completed my BFA in Painting and Drawing from Concordia University in Montreal. I then moved to New York to study design and illustration at Parsons The New School. After a number of years away from fine art, I missed the tactility of making with my hands. I began navigating my way towards a life as a professional artist and I am quite happy I did.

My work has been shown in a number of galleries in Toronto and I am currently represented by Wall Space Gallery in Ottawa. My paintings are in collections across Canada and the UK. 

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