The oil series began with an interest in the sky, particularly I have been thinking about colour, its effects on the viewer and the interactions between colours.  I reflect on how space is expansive, how to capture the vastness of sky, and how forms change depending on perspective. Rules of perspective form the base of the composition. As the painting builds I allow other elements to morph, shift and recede. Within each picture the viewpoint alternates. Viewers often sense they are flying when looking at my work.

For over a year now, myself and three talented artists have been meeting with a special model as often as possible for a life drawing session. A selection of my watercolour works created during these sessions is included in the work on paper section.


b. Toronto, 1985. Audrey Lawson received her BFA from Concordia University (2007), AAS from Parsons School of Design (2012) and studied at Slade School of Art in London, UK (2016). She graduated on Dean’s List from Parsons and was a finalist in the Toronto Urban Film Festival (2008) for a short animation she wrote and illustrated. After working in design for a number of years in various capacities,  Audrey missed the tactility of making art with her hands. Audrey picked up her brushes and started painting small canvases in her kitchen, beginning her journey that would lead her to the full time art practice she enjoys today. 

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